Excellent audio player with a built-in browser


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MXPLAY is a step ahead of the audio player game, providing you with a ton of different features integrated into one application.

The program boasts an attractive interface, from which you can play any audio file. Just select the file or directory where you store your music collection, and start playback.

Among other things, the program includes an intriguing lateral menu with three-dimensional elements that you can use to change the direction of the sound from your speakers or the reverb, to name just a couple options.

MXPLAY also includes a built-in web browser with access to all of today's most popular image (Flickr, PhotoBucket) and video (YouTube, MySpace, Google Video, Uncut Video) sites. Just click on one of the direct-access points and you'll be at your chosen portal.

If you're looking for a new program to play your music collection, this is a great option.
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